We are on the verge of an evolutionary leap in consciousness,
in human potential.

You were born to be happy !

“Our Breathing is the greatest asset we have”

Let me show you how

Unlock your self-confidence, heal your life because everything is already inside you and just needs to be released.
You were born to be happy, and over the years you have forgotten yourself !
I know how to help you!
How to become a person who truly loves self, who is happy for no reason, who is full of joy and who has unshakable self-esteem ?
Let me show you how !
Begin your journey through the unique LIVA© process with my Miracle© Breathwork and tools, a strategy to help you navigate through different situations.

There are only two ways to live your life:
one by pretending nothing is a miracle,
the other by pretending everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

Discover strategies to master your life

Hello ! I am Ann Bost

I can help you heal and change your life and begin the journey through the unique LIVA© process with my Conscious & Happy Coaching, Miracle© Breath conscious breathwork and Awakening spirituality through meditation.

I’m a certified Personal Development, Life coach and a breath coach, certified in Breathing behavior science, trained under world-renowned mentors and coaches like Louise Hay , Peter Litchfield etc.

I use valuable skills to help you discover and experience within yourself and your potential to reveal yourself and live a thriving, fulfilling life.

I am known as a conscious change architect, based in Bordeaux, France and conduct sessions Worldwide via Zoom. Book a complimentary call to get started.

Get started now by scheduling a free, no obligation session with me.
We’ll explore what you’re looking to create in your life, what’s holding you back,
and how we can work together to create powerful shifts toward
your health and happiness.
I offer a 20 minute discovery call via Zoom so we can learn
about each other and discuss how I can help you.

“A thought planted in the mind and nourrished by breathing,
takes root in every cell of your body”

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It is never too late to make changes in your life to improve
your living conditions and by being here,
you have taken the first step to living your most extraordinary life.
You were born to live happy, free and fulfilled.

If I can do it, so can you!

I’m looking forward to helping you,


Coaching with Ann helped to give me exactly what I needed in our session.
She steered me more towards communicating from my own experience and
helped me to connect more fully to my feelings. I strongly recommend coaching with Ann– she is a coach who is 100% present and there for YOU.
Karen, Amsterdam

What if you could feel supported ? Loved ? Valued ? Excited ? Connected ?
A sense of belonging ? Happy ? Desired ?

I am very proud of the women that I have worked with. Their courage and commitment to the coaching process has enabled them to create a rewarding relationship, and so transform their life.

I am proud of my high-achieving women move through the ravages of burnout or to face to health issue or a love issue to create a new way of being in alignment with their authentic self , their values, purpose and joy factor.

Let’s Talk

I endeavour to respond within 24 hours.

Ann Bost is your responsibility partner and business mentor

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