Ann Bost is known as a conscious change Architect because she creates changes for Business Women through her Unique LIVA process.
Based in Bordeaux, France, she conducts sessions worlwide via Zoom or Skype.
She helps women in business to overcome these limiting beliefs and allow themselves to create wealth for themselves.

Founder of LIVA Academy, Ann Bost has been in in your shoes. Her passion for empowering women comes from a personal standpoint: She sees her financial independence as a life raft that helped her through a difficult divorce and into motherhood of two young children.
“Money is essential in life for the choices it gives you,” Ann Says.
But that’s not at all !
The awareness of who she really was , her authenticity, and the discovery of her unlimited abilities and power began a deep and lasting change in her life.
This experience helped her understand the importance of being self, happy in all situations, which leads to personal , professional and financial independence for women and she now incorporates her LIVA Coaching into the work she does every day at Liva Academy.

Her Background
Ann is a conscious leader for High-Performing Women.
. Consultant | Mentor | Business Women Facilitator .
. Conscious Breathing Leader : Miracle Breath & life Coach.
. Creator of Miracle© Breath & LIVA methods.
. Founder BFC© Breathing for change.
. Creator of Miracle© Women.
. Founder of LIVA Academy©.

While building her own professional career, Ann noticed the giant gap of support for women who wanted to climb the ladder and attain senior roles.
Wanting to give her all to support women achieve their dreams, she created the support network that is now The Miracle Women.
The community should feel like home – a safe space where they can learn, connect and grow into the most MIRACLE versions of themselves.

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