Yoga a precious resource for humans
An Art – A Therapy

Hommage à tous les grands sages yogis qui nous ont enseigné et transmis le yoga !
Et plus particulièrement à ces maitres de Hatha Yoga : Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnu Devananda et Swami Satyananda, Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya et tous les grands sages qui les ont précédés !
So grateful to Shri Yogendraji founder of the Yoga institute Mumbai and my Gourou Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra the president of The Yoga Institut of Mumbai to 2018 . 
And so grateful to Dr. Sr.Hansa Yogendra who promotes True Yoga with an international development of the Yoga Institut.

’’Om, Om’’

Yoga a real Therapy, an Art…

Yoga is an ancestral science that brings physical, mental and spiritual balance.
With my Therapeutic approach, I adapt my teaching and my guidance according to the needs and desires of my students.
Choosing the path of yoga brings vitality, well-being and serenity to your life.

The benefits are unlimited

Yoga integrates and balances all the major systems of the body, it is a natural stress reliever and an excellent form of preventive medicine for keeping the body, mind and emotions in harmony. But the primary purpose of yoga is to allow the mind to regain its simplicity and peace, to free itself from confusion and distress.


Regular practice will lead to increased coordination and physical balance between the left and right sides, front and back, upper and lower body. When the body is asymmetrical (one side is stronger or more flexible than the other), injuries, pain and general discomfort can occur. Yoga restores symmetry, strength and flexibility in a balanced way.


The spine is the foundation of the body. Yoga positions allow the spine to move in all directions, thus promoting strength and flexibility by correcting alignment imbalances, releasing joints and relieving pressure on intervertebral discs.


Tight muscles are often shortened. Yoga positions help to relax and lengthen muscle chains through slow and progressive stretching.
“A stretched body is a free body”.
The practice stimulates circulation, prevents lactic formations and corrects bad postures. Through the practice of yoga, muscles, ligaments and joints are also toned.

Nervous tension

In the long term, regular asana practice detoxifies the body, improves nerve impulses, reflexes and concentration, and enhances the senses (hearing, sight) and reflexes. It reduces symptoms of stress such as sweating, anxiety, nervous tension and heart strain. It also helps to recover from fatigue, weakness and stress of daily life.

Endocrine systems

Hormone production is regulated, which cleanses the glands and helps regulate the metabolism. Respiratory / cardiovascular benefits.
By practicing certain positions, the heart is strengthened and massaged, the capacity of the lungs increases and the bronchioles keep their elasticity.

Lymphatic / immune system

The immune system is balanced and strengthened, increasing the body’s ability
To fight diseases and infections. Lymph circulates better and detoxifies the body.

Mind and emotions

A long-term practice results in a clearer and more focused mind, inner strength, calmness and ability to lead our lives and take responsibility for our well-being. This sensitivity will allow us to feel what is good during our yoga practice and in our daily lives.

I offer online courses in French and English and on request I can come to your home or your company for personalized sessions.
I also offer sessions for seminars and other specific corporate events.

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