LIVA© Life Conscious Coaching for Business Women and Ambitious Women

Think BIG for a NEW and RICH Future

From anywhere in the world, you can call in via Skype or Zoom and experience in real time how helpful, powerful and easy it is to work online with me.

I help women in business overcome these limiting beliefs and allow themselves to create wealth for themselves.
I also help them to grow in their professional and personal lives.
I guide ambitious women through the ravages of burnout or dealing with a health or love issue to create a new way of being in alignment with their authentic self, values, purpose and joy factor.

Ann creates powerful change for women in business in all areas of their lives through the Unique LIVA© process.

Investing in yourself is one of the most effective strategies for increasing your earning potential and accumulating wealth.

Start by making the investment in yourself a priority

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You deserve to feel good about money !

We all have a unique and emotional money story : what we were raised to think, feel and believe about money determines our daily decisions.

To get what you want from your money, you need to understand your relationship with it, and My LIVA money coaching” is the best way to do that.  

Why ?
Because we don’t talk about money the right way. We need to look at our relationship with money, the emotions we feel about it, and the patterns that have developed during our upbringing. You’ve always had the power within you to take control of your money and I want to help you unleash it so you can build the life you love.  

Start now

Do you look at your money and know that you could and should have more ?
Do you feel like it’s impossible to change your financial situation or get what you want from your career ?
Do you feel guilty about your spending ?
Does talking about money make you feel ashamed and embarrassed ?

You are in the right place.

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