Miracle Women

Your Miracle life starts just here

Passionate, successful people make the best teachers.

Invest in women’s goals and career development.
Mentoring opportunities are available throughout France and around the world.

Why become a mentor ?

  • Give back to the professional women’s community
  • Develop leadership and mentoring skills
  • Accelerate and boost your career
  • You will have the opportunity to be featured on our platforms and speak at our events.
  • Play a critical role in accelerating the path to equality for women and the world
  • Expand your professional network
  • Learn by teaching others
  • Build your personal brand

Devenez un mentor !

About Mentoring

You draw the map, your mentor will be the compass.
Together we can achieve your career goals.

We bring together a team of experts in every field to guide you, develop concrete strategies with you, and then help you make your dreams a reality. These visionaries started where you are, and they want to show you the way to success.

They have successfully built influence, negotiated, led, marketed, networked, branded, and more. Whatever your goal – from a promotion to creating your own empire – you’ll be able to connect with experts who can match your ambition and show you the way.

How mentoring works
From a mentor’s perspective

  • Let us know your availability
  • Receive a welcome session
  • Accept booking requests from mentees
  • Organize sessions on our online platform
  • Schedule as many sessions as you like
  • Each mentee can book up to 4 sessions with you.

The satisfaction of seeing others succeed

Giving back to the community and sharing all those years of experience is such a rewarding way to help others accelerate and give a boost to your own journey.

You’ll be part of our select group of mentors who are training the next wave of industry professionals.

We want to make sure our mentors find the experience rewarding and fulfilling, so they can contribute to their leadership journey.

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