Miracle© Breath Training

Miracle© Breathwork Facilitator & Mentorship Training
and customize courses according to your needs and expectations.

All Trainings are also available in french.

Miracle of Breath© is not just a teaching,  it is a belief in hope for humanity.

I know from my own experience that the best way to change the world is to work from the inside out.
By virtue of your commitment to your own self-development, you will graduate a true leader; a guiding light to those who seek to make the same journey themselves.Your world will be transformed and you will be an exceptional Leader at the top of your field !

Why Miracle of Breath ?

Choosing Miracle of Breath will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.
It is the most thorough and comprehensive training available, and you will become fully certified to lead breathwork sessions for individuals and groups.
And you will have complete confidence in your ability to do so.

Miracle Breath trainings are unlike any other. It took me 5 years to create some training programs that allow students of all levels (from novice to master) to become praticionners or facilitators and then certified mentorship confident enough to create their own breathing practice.

These live, online training is designed to build your confidence and allow you to take on a leadership role, giving you the best opportunity to explore and develop as a Miracle Breathwork facilitator & mentorship.

A complete training program
Online & face-to-face + certification or customized courses
according to your needs and expectations on request.

More than a simply Breathwork program

Level 1

More than a Breatwork training course foundations.

This is a 13-week immersive study that will support the healing of trauma, free you from areas in life where you feel stuck, and help you break cycles and patterns of dysfunction.
The Miracle Breath Journey
Focus: Personal transformation through the experience of the power of Breathwork.

Learn more about this program
you can book a 15-minute discovery call here

Level 2

Miracle© Breathwork Facilitator Certification course

Level Two is a 16-week immersive study of Professional Certification of Breathwork Facilitator.
Level Two training is for you if you want to hold space for others to heal, experience lasting change, and ultimately awaken to their true nature.

Learn more about this program
you can book a 15-minute discovery call here

Level 3

5-Day Immersive Miracle© Breathwork Retreat & Training

Level Three training includes a live breathwork retreat, group practice, live
practicum and additional training.
This is your opportunity to witness this beautiful journey for yourself and others and
the final graduation process for new facilitators.

Learn more about this program
you can book a 15-minute discovery call here

Level 4

Practicioner certification and Mentorship program

Level Four is where you have the opportunity to become a certified Breathwork
This makes sense if you wish to establish yourself as a professional and take your
breathwork career to the next level.

Learn more about this program
you can book a 15-minute discovery call here

If you feel the call, listen to it

3 steps to register

Step 1
Fill out the application form here in English or in French.

Step 2
Book your interview with Ann Bost
A 30-minute intake interview to answer your questions and evaluate your application.

Step 3
Notification of acceptance
Once your application is accepted, you will be able to register.

Our next training starts on march 4th, and it would be a privilege if you would agree to go on this journey with us.
You can register now or, if you have more questions, you can book
a 15-minute discovery call to get all your questions answered.

I look forward to meeting you,


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