Develop resources in the world to succeed, thrive and help others to do the same.

LIVA© Academy is a mentoring school, founded by Ann Bost to foster mindset & behavior change in inspired leaders.

Guidance and support for others as a life goal.

If you identify in yourself the need to support others in their process of reflection and action on meaningful and contextualized content in order to solve specific problems.

It may be to achieve their personal or professional goals, shorten the learning curve, help them break out of cognitive blindness, guide them to new ways of thinking, challenge their limiting assumptions, share valuable life lessons and much more.

Mentoring is the key!


Develop self-education: Functional conscious breathing, self-awareness, empowerment, authenticity and a strategy for a happy and balanced life.

I inspire you to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. A new approach to optimizing your potential and discovering the super power in each of you.

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