Free Miracle conscious breathing session

Become aware of your breathing.
Notice how it draws attention away from your thoughts and creates space.
Breathing is the essence of life. It is essential to every cell in our body. Because of the automation of breathing, we often take it for granted. We don’t think about it or consider the power it holds.
Breathing controls our heart rate, affects our blood pressure, contributes to blood circulation and even influences our mood.
What happens to your breath when a car stops right in front of you? It becomes shorter and faster as your heart rate increases and your blood pressure rises. What happens to your breathing when you get a massage? It slows down and deepens as the heart rate drops and relaxation sets in. We don’t often pay attention to the breath in our daily activities unless we feel threatened or in trouble, such as during intense physical exercise. But when we begin to pay attention, we can learn a lot about the body and mind and how the breath contributes to how we feel at any given moment.
By cultivating this awareness, breathing can become a powerful tool for improving our mood, energy, health and well-being. It is one of the simplest and most accessible strategies for improving our health.

Breathing For Change with Ann Bost host one free online Miracle© breathwork session per month :
Every first Sunday at 1 pm – Paris CET Time

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Next session on Sunday, March 5, 2023 : a 10 minute session of conscious breathing.
Q&A are opened up at the end of the session, I encourage you to participate.

What can you expect from this Miracle Conscious Breathing Session ?

  • Become aware of the breath to go beyond what you normally understand about the world. Learn how your own breath can give you information about yourself or your situation that you didn’t have or didn’t know before.
  • Tools for integrating the breath into your daily life.
  • You will leave this session with tools and insights to integrate the experience of transformation and understanding of breath work into your daily life.
  • Understanding the power of observation.
  • Learn powerful lessons on how to find yourself, use the breath to discover your own path to healing unresolved trauma and reducing anxiety or simply a state of peace.
  • Be part of a global community of conscious change.

Join us in our goal to awaken the world to the miraculous gift of breath.
Breathe as one with people from all walks of life…

Ready to be informed and be part of a global community of conscious change.
Join the BFC Global Ambassador Community!

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