Breathwork session

Breathwork Session with Ann Bost

All sessions Miracle Breath are available in english and in french

Des séances personnalisées en fonction de vos besoins. Le thème de votre choix.

We can work on a general topic (confidence, gratitude, serenity,…) as well as on a specific need.
We focus on the potential blocks or problems you are currently experiencing and on what you would like to see in your life.

It is a customized and individual work that allows to discover the breathwork in a deep way.

Breathwork session


Our presence is dedicated to you. All our attention is focused on you in order to guide you in every inhale and exhale, respecting your rhythm.


You define the best time for you. I am flexible and adapt to your schedule


The presence of the group can be supportive as well as limiting at times.
Out of shame or a sense of discomfort, some may prefer the private and intimate setting of the individual session.


You are interested in breathwork but you know that the experience can be intense and you are a bit hesitant to start in a group?
In a one-to-one session, I am there for you and only for you and will guide you through each step of the process.

How does the session work?

We first get in touch before the session so that we can define your needs and I can prepare my guidance in the most appropriate way.
Then, we set up the appointment via Zoom. The session lasts two hours and includes :

  • A time of exchange and definition of your intention for this session.
  • A time of introduction to the work on breathing and everything that may happen during a session.
  • A technical demonstration.
  • About 1 hour of practice, with music.
  • 30 minutes of relaxation time.
  • A time of discussion and feedback on your experience

The practice is done lying down, ideally on a floor mat or a yoga mat and with the eyes blindfolded in order to be in the dark to better dive into the experience.

Session one to one

A two-hour session, focused on your present needs.

95 €

Pack of 5 sessions

An inner journey in 5 one-to-one sessions to address a specific need or to discover yourself.


Pack of 10 sessions

10 sessions is the number of times you need to correct your breathing mechanics, which will have an impact on all aspects of your life


The discovery of my breathing was very intense and I am still amazed!
because I had this anger in me for a very long time and thanks to the breathwork sessions with Ann I don’t have that anger in me anymore!

Carolina Hertzin

Let’s do something
beautiful together !

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