Breathing For Change

BFC Breathing for Change is a global movement founded by Ann Bost.
Breathing For Change brings together ambassadors from around the world
who are committed to the global development of education in the power of
Conscious Breathing “Miracle Breath”, the art of breathwork,
as well as the precious resource of yoga and the postural art.

Breathing for Change is a hope and a treasure for humanity.

Ann founded Breathing For Change around a strong, shared ethic of holistic living.

Breathing the change in you that you want to see in the world!


Create – Inspire – Impact – Connect – Grow – Rise – Shine.


Breathing For Change aims to organize and share events, conferences, workshops, retreats around the world.

Belong and grow as a valued member of the Breathing For Change global membership community, you’ll find an endless source of support, inspiration, deep connections to your soul, and even potential clients.

Breathing For Change with Ann offers one free online
Miracle© Breathwork session per month:
Every first Sunday at 1:00pm – Paris CET Time

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Join us in our goal to awaken the world to the miraculous gift of breath.
Breathe as one with people from all walks of life…

Are you ready to be informed & Be part of a global community of conscious change.
Join the global BFC ambassador community !

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