Breathing For Change : Breathing The Change

BFC Breathing for Change founded by Ann Bost for a global action to foster & empower functional & strategic conscious breathing education worldwide.

Breathe is a STRATEGY

It sounds simple : breathe in and out and we are alive.

But while most of us do it every day , many leaders miss the opportunity to use breathing as a tool to be more effective.

  • How does it work ?

Breathing can help us become better leaders

  • Why ?


  • Helps us reduce stress and regulate the stress hormone cortisol (so we can access our executive brain to think better)
  • Increases optimism (all professional results improve when our brain is positive… we make better decisions, we are more creative, etc.)
  • Strengthens our ability to regulate our emotions (important at all times, especially when giving difficult feedback or in uncomfortable conversations)
  • Reduces impulsivity (holding on to that email that may not be the best approach)
  • Can actually help us change and regulate our emotions (so we can connect with others and communicate in the most effective way).

In a moment where stress and uncertainty are the only certainties, BFC Conscious breathing can be a powerful tool for regulating how we answer.

And so BFC can help you become an inspired and followed conscious leader.

BFC Miracle of Breath Training in process

If you are interested in becoming a BFC Miracle of Breath© facilitator and then a mentor,
BFC Miracle of Breath© trainings will be back on the website soon.

Ready to be informed & join the global community BFC

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