Become a Mentor

Passionate, successful people make the best teachers

As a Mentor at Miracle Women, you will have the opportunity to give back while developing your own leadership skills. You’ll learn new talents, generate innovative ideas, and benefit from the fresh perspectives of your mentees.

Invest in women’s goals and career development. Mentoring opportunities are available throughout France and around the world.

Why become a mentor ?

  • Give back to the professional women’s community
  • Develop leadership and mentoring skills
  • Accelerate and boost your career
  • You will have the opportunity to be featured on our platforms and speak at our events.
  • Play a critical role in accelerating the path to equality for women and the world
  • Expand your professional network
  • Learn by teaching others
  • Build your personal brand

About Mentoring

You draw the map, your mentor will be the compass.

Together we can achieve your career goals.
Help others as a goal in life!

If you identify the need to accompany others in their process of reflection and action on meaningful and contextualized content to solve specific problems.
It may be to achieve their personal or professional goals, shorten the learning curve, help them break out of cognitive blindness, guide them to new ways of thinking, challenge their limiting assumptions, share valuable life lessons and much more.

Mentoring is the solution !

Achieve your goals with Ann Bost.

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