Instead of opting for conditioned packages of affection, be sure to really take a moment to reflect and offer your loved one something that will really make a difference to THEM – a true expression of appreciation and gratitude, not just for everything he or she does, but for who he or she is.

Gratitude has an IMMENSE IMPACT on our relationships and can literally SAVE a relationship rather than let it disintegrate.

Feeling appreciated and believing that your spouse appreciates you directly influences your perception of your marriage, your commitment to it and your belief that it will last.

All couples have disagreements and argue.
When couples are stressed, they are likely to argue more.

What distinguishes marriages that last from those that don’t is not how often they argue, but how they argue and how they treat each other on a daily basis.

Expressing gratitude also helps couples overcome financial difficulties, disagreements, health crises, family problems, and the many other difficulties that arise in most marriages, especially those of long duration.

Even if a couple is experiencing distress and difficulties in other areas, gratitude in the relationship can help promote positive marital outcomes.

Expressing gratitude not only strengthens relationships, but also promotes a person’s overall emotional and even physical health by reducing inflammation, decreasing depression, and improving sleep quality.

Gratitude helps us stay positive, and it’s as much about others as it is about ourselves.
We are human beings, and focusing on others in a positive way is good for our health.

Just as expressing gratitude to our spouse or partner can extend our marriage, it can also lead to a longer life.

Commit to a new daily habit, first for yourself, then for your special person/spouse.

Thank her every day for at least three things she has done or for which you are grateful.

A grateful heart is a happy heart !


Empower your highest potential
Wait for your MIRACLE

Ann Bost
An Authentic leader, your Trusted partner,
with a burning desire to transform lives in profound ways.

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