Everything happens for a reason ?

Everything happens for a reason ?
Well, YES !

Everything happens for a reason ?
Yes, everything in life happens for a reason. Everything. We may not realize it. But it does.
Remember how Aristotle explained it !
Do you feel this way too?
The philosopher Aristote explains it perfectly. In his quest to discover the true meaning of life, he suggested that there were two constants in life:

First, the universe is constantly changing and evolving. What it is today is never the same tomorrow. Second, he referred to the notion of entelechy, which is “that which transforms potential into reality.”
He believed that everything that happens to you today is for a reason, because it makes you the person you are becoming.
This is an extremely empowering concept to keep close to your heart.
When someone suggests that everything doesn’t happen for a reason, they usually take the term “reason” to mean cause and effect in a mechanistic universe where events are random.
I am not suggesting otherwise.
I do, however, use a different definition of reason. To me, reason is the meaning we give to the events that occur in our lives.
The events you go through and the actions you take create the person you are becoming.
You are not a random element in the universe, reacting mechanically to everything that happens to you.
Instead, you are a human being. You have been endowed with the ability to create meaning from all these events.
I am going to present you with the 7 main reasons why it can be useful to see that everything in life is meaningful.

1. You learn to grow from tragedy and adversity

If you embrace the mindset that everything happens for a reason, you can start to look back at experiences and reap important lessons from them.

Believing in everything happens for a reason empowers you to create meaning from the tragedies and setbacks you experience in life.

You may be going through a break-up? Perhaps you’re struggling in the workplace with a terrible boss? Maybe you’re dealing with the grief of someone passing away?

Whatever it is you’re going through, I feel for you.

Believing that this is happening for a reason doesn’t mean you should be happy this is happening.

Believing in the reason behind any challenging event is about managing your pain and giving you the strength to go on.The challenges you’re going through are molding you into the person you’re becoming. So if you can look back and learn from them, you can start to find new ways to being and seeing the world and avoid the same pattern in the future.

2. It allows you to move on

If you embrace the idea that everything happens for a reason, you can gain a sense of closure on something that can be very hard to let go of.

When things don’t go our way, we often experience regret. We wish we could have controlled the outcome to avoid feeling loss or disappointment.

For example, if you’re going through a break-up it’s natural to feel sad about it. It’s normal to feel a deep loss and shame over the failure of a relationship.

On the other hand, you can choose to use this experience as an opportunity to empower yourself.

You can choose to believe that there is a reason why this relationship failed.

A reason that you’ll know later on. You can choose to create a new sense of meaning from getting over someone.

When you accept the reality and the finality of a situation, it closes the chapter of the story and allows you to move on to better things ahead.

Call it a coping mechanism if you must. But believing that events in your life have a purpose allows you to take one step forward to a better you.

3. It relieves pain

If you can empower yourself with the idea that everything happens for a reason it can help to lessen how painful an experience feels.

It might be difficult to believe that there is a reason behind losing something.

At this point in our lives, it’s easy to blame something or someone instead. But believing that everything happens for a reason can help ease the burden and pain. In fact, it allows us to heal.

Sometimes, it is during the lowest points in life that we gain the courage and strength to emerge as better.

In believing that a loss is not meaningless, we give ourselves a chance to heal. It alleviates our most painful feelings and allows us to continue our lives.

Pain and suffering provide hard lessons and a deep sense of meaning in life.

4. It gives you the opportunity to reflect

When you feel like something happened for a reason, you’re likely to replay it several times and seek new perspectives and insights to better understand.

This time for reflection allows you to process the experience in a healthy way, rather than putting the memory aside and continuing with life as if nothing happened.

By choosing to believe that everything in your life has a greater meaning, you allow yourself the openness to see the picture not as it is now, but as it could be when all the pieces are finally put together.

One day all the pain, struggles, setbacks and doubts will make sense.

You will realize that all of these things are essential elements in helping you reach your highest self, or, as Aristotle says, your entelechy or conscious intuition.

It is easier to avoid painful moments and move forward in life. But the key to experiencing peace from our past strategies is to know and understand that you are living in a way that is aligned with a deeper sense of purpose.

The consequences of not finding your purpose in life include a general sense of frustration and dissatisfaction.

It’s hard to connect to a deeper sense of self, especially in difficult times.

In fact, I learned a new way to see how trying to improve yourself can keep you from understanding your true life purpose.The consequences of not finding your purpose in life include a general sense of frustration and dissatisfaction.

It is difficult to connect to a deeper sense of self, especially in difficult times.

Being supported, by a mentor or someone you trust, can help you understand your life purpose. Because a mentor will lead you to a personal reflection, which leads to the understanding of the meaning of life, especially in difficult times.

The importance of self-reflection that brings you back to a deep connection with yourself.
Focusing on myself to better understand who “I am”.

Most people misunderstand how to find their purpose, using visualizations and other self-help techniques. The importance of personal reflection that leads you back to a deep connection with yourself.

This helped me to stay away from the superficial advice of others in the self-development industry, and instead turn the lens on myself and cultivate a better sense of who I am.

5. It leads us to the defining moments of our lives

When you look back at pivotal moments in your life, you can start to see how it formed and shaped you and gave you a deep sense of meaning.

Have you ever had that “aha!” moment when everything finally makes sense? Yes, we’re talking about that.

Instead of being stuck on the negativity, you’ve chosen to believe that all is not for nothing. And when you experience your most defining moments, you feel that sense of awareness.

You realize that now all of it makes sense. It’s one of those Eureka moments that allow you to reflect on your life and makes you realize just how strong you really are.

6. It allows you to make sense of the chaos in your life

When random, horrible, or tragic events happen, it can feel hard to see that it was for a reason.

We’ve all been through difficult situations when absolutely nothing makes sense. Life has a way of making us question even our own sanity at times.

But allowing yourself to believe that even this chaos has a purpose allows you to take a step back and look at your life more closely.

It allows you to pick at the things that do have meaning and do make sense.

This makes you create better decisions in the future and gives you renewed motivation and purpose to go forward.

7. It teaches you valuable lessons

Embracing the idea that everything happens for a reason in life allows you to learn valuable lessons.

Let’s go back to Aristote’s reminder that “the universe is always changing.”
So that means so do you. Everything that happens for a reason teaches you valuable lessons. It can even shatter your old beliefs, literally changing you into a better version of yourself.

You learn to look at things in a different light. Your ideas, beliefs, and the way you approach things can even do a complete turnaround.

The power of perspective

We all feel the need to grasp for something steady when life pulls the rug under our feet.

It can feel easier to brush off negative experiences or to chalk them up to fate or serendipity than to dwell on them and try to garner understanding from painful memories.

But believing that everything happens for a reason gives us valuable time for introspection that can be hard to obtain when life gets fast-paced and challenging.

Yes, there is beauty in believing that there is a reason why things don’t go according to plan.

This mindset can help us to consider the actions of others. It helps us to understand why they do what they do and to respond to each circumstance with compassion and grace.

So, when you are going through something challenging you to have two options in front of you:

1. You can believe that life is conspiring against you and trying to break you down.

2. Or, you can try to embrace the experience, look at it from different viewpoints, learn from it and move on with greater understanding.

The choice is up to you. What kind of life do you really want to lead?

The more you can change your mindset and embrace all you are and all that happens to you, the more empowered life you can live.
This challenging moment you are facing, or looming past, might still feel painful and difficult, but it will start to feel easier the more you get to know yourself and proactively shift your thinking about it.

Everything happens for a reason. This belief can drive you forward. It can keep you from making the same mistakes in the future. It can keep you in a state where you are always learning. And a little more kind to yourself when you hit some obstacles along the way.

So, what kind of world do you want to create?

A world of learning and growing and cultivating wisdom?

If so, then it’s time to embrace the thought that Aristote so timelessly shares – that everything does in fact happen for a reason.

Love & Wisdom
Ann Bost

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